3 Things I Learned since Becoming an Entrepreneur

3 Things I Learned since Becoming an Entrepreneur
So, I knew when I decided to start my entrepreneurship journey that things would not be easy...but, I never thought it would be so challenging to bring an idea to life.
The year was 2015, I was FRESH out of college, working my 9-5, yet, I still felt empty. I was excelling at work bringing in decent money but, something in me kept saying "more". After giving birth to my 2nd child in 2017, I decided to take on blogging part time. After doing my research and studying the industry I quickly found out that being a small business owner required wayyyy more work than I could have ever imagined. I found myself constantly working. Before work, after work, on my lunch break. It just never stopped. On top of my wife and mommy duties I was burning myself out slowly. So, for anyone who is considering starting a business. Here are some things I learned that I need to share with you before you jump out there. 
 It is soooo important that you find a way to center yourself and have your mindset right. Because there will be days when shit hits the fan and you want to give up. You have to realize your business, your dream, is not about you. You have to do what you were called to do so that you can touch and bless someone else. It’s not about us, or the money, or the material things. We are here to serve and that is why you have an itch inside of you for more. 
You are called to something higher and it is your duty to fulfill that purpose and bless others along the way. 
I wish someone would have told me to budget for marketing in the beginning stages. There's no point in buying a bunch of inventory then have no plan on how to tell people about it. You need to budget not only for inventory, a logo, or a website. But, marketing too! Start early so you can test your audience and see what works for your brand. This will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
You will have a small few who will push you. Cherish them. They are your holy grail
   Leave your emotions at the door.  This is business and emotions have no place here. Actually, let me correct myself emotions are fine in business if they are positive emotions. Negative emotions cannot exist.. and irrational thinking as a result of negative emotions leads to poor business decisions. You have to take calculated risks and think things through with a level head. If I find myself emotional, I sit for 24 hours before I make any decisions. Normally, after about a day I'm out my feelings and thinking more clearly. 
I hope you all liked this blog. If so, please leave a comment or share it on your social media pages. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone. I been wanting to start this blog since 2015 and it's finally here & I am so happy to share this with my fashion society first. 


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